Quick Tip #10: Syntax highlighting Perl 6

So far, my quick tips haven’t been that quick. I’ve gotten mired in the tarpit of tracking down weird behaviors and whatnot. Here’s a truly quick tip. If you have more info on editor syntax highlighting for Perl 6, leave a comment.

If you’re on StackOverflow and you want your code highlighted as Perl 6, use the HTML comment <!-- language-all: lang-perl6 -->. See what Brad Gilbert did with one of my questions. They use Google Prettify, which does a job of the usual Google quality.

David Farrell explains how to activate Perl 6 syntax in his Perltricks article Activating Perl 6 syntax highlighting in Vim. And, he’s also supporting the Kickstarter campaign by offering two more backers the chance to sponsor a Perl 6 article on Perltricks.

See the vim-perl Github project, or the perl6-mode Github project for emacs.

The Atom editor supports Perl 6. It doesn’t seem that helpful though.

The Padre editor does too. It even has a butterfly for its logo.

I started a BBEdit Codeless Language Module, but it’s so deficient it’s hardly worth mentioning.

One of Perl 6’s goals for improvement over Perl 5 was a much easier way to parse the a program without being the language itself. There’s an actual grammar.

If you know of more stuff, leave a comment.

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